Nina af Hällström


"With Emotion and Expertise"

I have a great interest in matters related to social and health care. I am a member of the Espoo Council and I am currently chairing my party grouping there. As Chair of the Kårkulla foundation I believe that the expertise of Kårkulla must be preserved. I am also active in decision making bodies in Helsinki university hospital (HYKS), and in a foudation that upholds elderly homes. Since 2011 I am the executive director for an NGO that works for the rights of persons with disabilities (SAMS).
I am married, I have five children and one grandchild. I love nature and sports, you might meet me running along the beaches of Espoo or in the gym.

Name: Nina af Hällström
Year of birth: 1963
County: West Uusimaa
Town: Espoo
Title: Executive Director
Phone: +358456503820
Member in:

Important political topics

Primary healthcare

The primary healthcare must be efficient. The healthcare services must meet the needs and challenges of the individuals. Everyone has the right to meet a doctor within seven days. We also need more special knowledge and competence in the public health care stations (for instance diabetes, reuma, eye diseases). We need better preventive measures and low treshold services in connection with the primary heathcare. Mental services are particularly important and they must be available to everyone.
The digitalisation and mobile services offer new possibilities also in the primary healthcare. However, these new services are not accessible to all people. Therefore, traditional services must be provided also in the future.

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Services for senior citizens

We must take care of our elderly people. The number of them is growing. If we want the elderly to live in their homes as long as possible we must also support them. Their individual needs must be respected - the elderly may have different opinions and wishes. Loneliness among elderly people can be addressed through civil society actors.
A system with an own personal doctor for elderly people must be implemented. It feels safe to go to the same doctor. The transport services must be fully functional so that elderly people and persons with disabilities may fully enjoy their lives.

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Services for people with disabilities

Persons with disabiliities are in a bigger risk of marginalisation. According to the WHO about 15% of the population have some form of disability. All humans have the same rights and, consequently, public services must be available to everyone.
Also when developing new digital services accessability must be considered. Disability must not be an obstacle. It is of utmost importance that persons with disabilities can use their own mother tongue when using public services.
The special knowledge of Kårkulla must be preserved, regardless of how it is adminstered and good cooperation between the new administrative units (regions) must be required .

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