Merja Laaksonen


"All of us need well-functioning and reliable healthcare and emergency services at some point of our lives. "

I have during the past few decades been involved in municipal decision making in Siuntio, currently as the chair of the municipal council. Except for having won the trust of voters to make decisions about a broader set of issues at the municipal level, I have been for many years a member of the HUS council, and the Lohja health care district council.

It is important to work over the municipal boundaries to secure a well-functioning, flexible, and effective public health system. As your representative in the council of the self-governing region, I promise to do my best, so that these services can be always available to everyone regardless of age, language, background, gender, or economic situation.

Name: Merja Laaksonen
Year of birth: 1956
County: West Uusimaa
Town: Siuntio
Title: Chair of the municipal council in Siuntio
Phone: 0405606115

Important political topics

Primary healthcare

A well-structured system of maternity care, day care, social services, mental health, as well as elderly care must be guaranteed by working together and making sure that the needed resources always are available. A special emphasis needs to be put on serving the needs of our families and younger ones. It is also important to secure the working conditions and well-being of the workers.

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