Henrik Solin


"Let´s look forward and do our best to secure the quality of the services we are used to regarding health, social security and rescue matters."

I´m a retired CEO, a liberal with a conscience, with a keen interest in community matters. My experience includes problem solving and decision making within private industry, communities and the third sector.

Name: Henrik Solin
Year of birth: 1952
County: Southwest Finland
Town: Lieto
Title: Retired CEO
Email: henrikmsolin@gmail.com
Phone: 050 3676150
www: https://www.henriksolin.fi
Member in:

Important political topics

Primary healthcare

The availability and quality of the primary healthcare will mainly stay unchanged for at least some years to come. Citizens should ideally see as little change as possible.
For the new administration, there is a lot of work and problem solving to handle in a limited timespan, so that the new welfare area is ready to take over full organizing responsibility by 2023.

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Social welfare

Old people are people too! And they have the same right to feeling secure and satisfied with their every day life, be that still living and managing at home or later being taken care of in an institution suited to their mental and physical situation.
The importance of everyday physical and mind stretching exercise in keeping senior citizens agile and healthy cannot be ignored.

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Rescue services

Rescue services quality and functionality must continue without interruption through the administrative change.
Special attention should be paid to the effective utilization of existing units and equipment to ensure the safety of inhabitants in the archipelago areas.

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