Elin Andersson


"Service on time- close to you"

I have a master in political science and have extensive experience in administration and law, something that supports me in my assignments.
Right now I am sitting as a deputy in the Porvoo council and as chairman of the Building and Environment Committee in Porvoo.

I live in Krigarbyn in Porvoo and one of our pastimes is renovating our house. As the mother of an almost 1-year-old, family issues are close to my heart, but also the environment, construction and social and health care are among my interests in politics.

Nowadays I work at the University of Applied Sciences Haaga-Helia as an International affairs specialist. I have previously worked for several different interest organizations such as Svenska Kvinnoförbundet i Sörnäs and FDUV, the interest organization for Swedish-speaking people with intellectual disabilities in Finland.

Name: Elin Andersson
Year of birth: 1989
County: East Uusimaa
Town: Porvoo
Title: Msc. (Pol. Sc)
Email: elin.ea.andersson@gmail.com
www: https://www.elinandersson.net/
Member in:

Important political topics

Primary healthcare

The care must be close to you. It is important to get the right help immediately when you need it. Therefore,:
-the care queues are shortened
-the service is close, even in the countryside. Here you can get support from portable devices (eg buses)
-Cases that can be handled digitally. for example. prescription renewal, should not take up time.
-There is low-threshold mental health care close at hand and on time for all ages, young people, adults and the elderly. In all ages, mental illness has increased and this must be addressed.

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Services for senior citizens

Elderly care must be developed in collaboration with social care. It is important:
-that all the elderly are offered housing when they are no longer able to live at home
-that there are support services and more opportunities for group housing so that single elderly people do not become too lonely
-Caregivers must be offered relief in time

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Services for people with disabilities

I want to see a society where everyone is included. It is important that everyone's right to self-determination is respected and that everyone is given the opportunity to be active in society
Therefore, we must work to
-Disability service must also work in the future
-reduce bureaucracy and make it easier to obtain support
-everyone has the right to therapy and rehabilitation in their own mother tongue

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