Charlotta Jakobsson


"Functioning healthcare services for everyone, when they are needed"

Hi, great that I managed to capture your interest!
My name is Charlotta Jakobsson and I live in Köklax in Espoo with my husband and our two children.

I have a degree in international business Management (MBA)and have spent most of my career within different procurement functions ranging from internal procurement of goods and services for larger companies to project procurement and procurement of components and machines. Currently I am working as a Sourcing Specialist for a larger company. In Autumn 2021, I was appointed as a deputy member in the Audit Board in Espoo.

The County Elections are important, because here we have an opportunity to be decide how the health and social care services and the rescue service will look and function in the future. These services are important since they affect the lives of all residents in the county. Excellent services in healthcare, social services and rescue services are needed for the physical- mental- and social well-being of the inhabitants of the county.

My goal is to participate in creating a working service model, as well as supporting entrepreneurship and creating jobs in the county. I want to highlight the importance of procurement-and tendering processes that are realized in an ethically, socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable way, for a good and safe future.

Name: Charlotta Jakobsson
Year of birth: 1978
County: West Uusimaa