Steve Nyholm


"Every human being is valuable and should be treated accordingly."

I am now an organic farmer but I have been a marketing engineer for companies in Nykarleby manufactoring mobile cleaning units.
I am elected to the trust in the organic producer movement at the national level, in the municipal council and have been it in the church and in the sport movement.
My hobbies are dancing and outdoor life.
I am considered positive and down to earth which can benefit the governence of the future of the welfare area.

Name: Steve Nyholm
Year of birth: 1955
County: Ostrobothnia
Town: Munsala in Nykarleby
Title: Organic Farmer/Engineer
Phone: 0400562850
Member in:

Important political topics

Children, young people and families

Getting a good start in life is a cornerstone for a safe and prosperous person who in turn passes on the security and joy to his fellow human beings.

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Services for senior citizens

The most important task of elderly care is to activate the elder!y so that they feel well even in increasing age.
The importance of diet must also be prioritized.

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Rescue services

In order for the communitys inhabitants to be served in the best possible way resque services are needed at the lokal level for quick response regarding accidents, illness, fires, etc.

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