Rainer Bystedt


"It is important to keep care and healthcare close to all inhabitants throughout Ostrobothnia. We need well educated staff, fair pay and genuine care. Investing in the well-being of our children and young people is an investment in our future."

I am born and raised in a farming family in Vörå. I have two grown sons and four grandchildren. I have lost two of my children to illness and these are my biggest setbacks in life.

Nowadays I am remarried to Christina Båssar who works as municipal director in Korsnäs.

My political interest was aroused already in school as a member of the student council. I have been politically involved in SFP regionally, locally and everything in between, for about 35 years.

I like to discuss different things and use to say that I do not drive into Vaasa at a meeting to sit quietly!

I believe that society should take care of its weak and I have seen how important care and nursing is when you suffer from ill health.

Some facts about my assignments:
- Council member in Vörå municipality
- Board member in Vörå municipality, of which chairman of the municipal board 2012-2014 and 2017 - 2021
- Vörå municipality's care committee's municipal board representative for two periods
- The care committee in Korsholm, member for three periods and chairman of the current period

Name: Rainer Bystedt
Year of birth: 1960
County: Ostrobothnia
Town: Vörå
Email: rainerbystedt@elisanet.fi

Important political topics