Pia Baumgartner


" Health and well-being for all!"

Married, mother of three. Born and place of residence Loviisa. I have a degree in radiology and a Master degree in health sciences. I am currently working as a department manager at HUS Diagnostic Center in Porvoo Hospital, responsible for all X-ray activities in Eastern-Uusimaa. I am also a member of the Loviisa Basic Security Division and the Board of Folkhälsan. For my part, I want to promote and improve the well-being and health of the inhabitants of the entire welfare area. All residents in the welfare area of Eastern-Uusimaa need equal, high-quality and timely health care services. These include a wide range of health center and specialist care services. Important areas for development are the promotion of well-being and health, preventive services and early support. We currently have an acute shortage of health professionals. It is very important to ensure the availability of adequate medical staff. The well-being of nursing staff at work, the development and training of competence and development of supervisory activities are the key.

Name: Pia Baumgartner
Year of birth: 1966
County: East Uusimaa
Email: pia.m.e.baumgartner@gmail.com
Phone: 0407085681

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