Heidi Seppälä


"When you need more than a politician"

I am known as an active, catchy and knowledgeable politician, employee and local citizen. However, I am much more than just a politician. I am a mother in a bilingual new family with one ADD child. I know the everyday life and challenges of families, especially in families where there is a need for special support. I know that preventive action and help in the right time are at the heart of everything. Help should be available when needed and provided to the whole family. In addition, I have older parents and I have been able to see and experience the everyday life of a care home for grandparents, as well as the challenges we have in home care. However, life is everyday life. I want to take on the challenges of the time and focus on managing with knowledge, but at the same time do it above all, following the values ​​of the heart.

Name: Heidi Seppälä
Year of birth: 1982
County: West Uusimaa
Town: Vihti / Vichtis
Title: Account Manager
Email: heidi.susanna.seppala@gmail.com
Phone: 0503615720
www: https://www.heidiseppala.fi/
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