Berndt Gottberg


"We need care in our vicinity"

Agronomist, professional guide, specialized in the Porkkala history at the Degerby Igor Museum. Co-author to the books Porkkala-Udd, Porkkala before, during and after the Parenthesis, Visit Porkkala-Udd, books about the War-veterans from Inkoo and Kirkkonummi, Strangers in their own Country. Co-translator of the Pyynikki version of the Unknown Soldier. Now also a tourist guide in Lohja and in Helsinki. Active during many years transporting elderly and disabled.

Name: Berndt Gottberg
Year of birth: 1949
County: West Uusimaa
Town: Siuntio
Title: Agronomist
Phone: 0400 528598

Important political topics

Care and treatment

Treatment and care are of the utmost priority, especially so in the small municipalities. Siuntio and Inkoo form an interesting example, and, if I had the possibility of deciding, these municipalities should rapidly join forces to acquire the Siuntion Kylpylä land and turn it into care centre both for the generation that rebuilt our country and for all other groups of people Here could also be arranged facilities to care of people suffering from dementia or other special needs.

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Services for people with disabilities

Here I have the same view as motivated above, here can be found facilities for therapy, swimming pools and so on. There is an open range about the facilities that could be used.

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