Anna Sofia Nevanlinna


"Let's build together a new system that we can be proud of!"

I love health and wellbeing and I am happy to be part in this election and hopefully later in the group who builds up the new system for health and wellbeing. There are major challenges and I definitely do not have all the answers but I trust that together we can build a system that we can be proud of.

We all want to be sure that a firefighter, an ambulance or a doctor will be present when we need them. But everyday health and wellbeing are made with responsible choices in everyday life. Everybody can help themselves to stay healthy. One big part of a resourceful system is that we respect and encourage citizens to in the various choices they do to stay healthy. And we welcome them to get more help when their own actions are not enough.

We must not forget either the professionals who work in the preventive care. An efficient preventive care system makes it possible to have a working health care system. Preventive care is not negotiable.

p.s. My texts in Finnish, Swedish and English are all different, please read them all.

pps. I am happy to tell you more about my views and learn more about health. Please contact me if you feel like discussing with me.

Name: Anna Sofia Nevanlinna
Year of birth: 1976
County: West Uusimaa
Town: Espoo
Title: Public health nurse and specialist in natural health, business owner
Phone: 0503591155
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