What are the elections about?

As a result of the health and social services reform, we will be going to the polls on 23 January 2022 in the first county elections. The elections are related to Finland being divided into wellbeing services counties that will be responsible for healthcare services. In these elections, we will choose the people who will be making decisions about our care and treatment.

Public healthcare and social welfare, as well as rescue services will be reorganised and restructured in Finland.  In the future, health, social and rescue services will be provided by 21 wellbeing services counties and the City of Helsinki. What the future services will look like will be determined by the county councils, which are the highest decision-making bodies in the wellbeing services counties, and they will be elected on 23 January. The City of Helsinki will constitute a separate area, where no county elections will be organised. Instead, the local council will also handle these questions.

The SFP wants to ensure that you have access to care nearby, also in the future.

Who can vote?

Those who turn 18 at the latest on the election day and who are residents, 51 days prior to the election day, of one of the municipalities in the wellbeing services county in question, are eligible to vote in the county elections. Citizens of a non-EU member state are required to have lived in Finland for two years in order to be eligible to vote.

Electoral districts

Each wellbeing services county forms an electoral district with its own candidates. Voters vote for candidates in their own wellbeing services county.

How do I vote?

You can vote on the election day at your polling station or in advance at any of the general polling stations in Finland or abroad. The actual election day will be Sunday, 23 January 2022. The advance voting period will be from 12 to 18 January 2022 in Finland and from 12 to 15 January 2022 in other countries.

Why should I vote?

These elections are about choosing a county council, with the highest decision-making power, for each wellbeing services county. The county council will decide on the organisation of services in the wellbeing services county, including the budget and the practical provision of services in Swedish.

We have often witnessed that individual votes can be decisive – in these elections, your vote can make all the difference!

 Further information is available on the elections website of the Ministry of Justice at