Ville Käldström


"Sports, well-being and co-operation over municipality boundaries!"

I'm a 29-year-old, eager and young man originally from Jakobstad in Ostrobothnia. I have a master’s degree in Political Science from Åbo Akademi, graduated in 2017. I have lived in Turku for almost 10 years and I want to take part in building a better tomorrow in our beautiful city and in Southwest Finland. I'm very ambitious and determined. I want to develop my knowledge and be aware of what is happening around us, in Finland and in the world. Turku is a great city to live in – hopefully you feel so too.

At the moment I am an elected representative in Turku.

Name: Ville Käldström
Year of birth: 1992
County: Southwest Finland
Town: Turku
Title: Expert, Employment service, seafaring
Phone: 0504670172
Member in:

Important political topics

Children, young people and families

It is highly important to take care of people in all ages throughout the life. We all need to have service near and fast. It shouldn't be a question of money.

Sports is important in early stages of our lives and that is the bridge to a healthy life. That doesn't mean one can still get ill or suffer from mental issues.

I can be an important link in this because I have good contacts in the field of sports. I am also a former athlete myself. Sports is a preventative measure and something that should be underlined during younger years.

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Specialised healthcare

The mental health is a growing issue among young people and it should be taken into consideration seriously. The pandemic has only increased the mental health issues and it is time to start dealing with the problems now.

Mental care services should be guaranteed enough resources and a immediate access to therapy should be put into operation.

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Primary healthcare

Primary healthcare such as smaller hospitals and health centers are still needed! The help should be found near and fast and it shouldn't be an economical question.

It is important that one get service in ones own mother tongue in Finland though English language skills should be more valued in future.

We need more people who work within the field of health care and we cannot expect that one speaks fluent Finnish or Swedish immediately. There is already a lack of practical nurses at the labor markets.

Only by work-based immigration it is possible to succeed with treatment time guarantee which in itself is a needed improvement.

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