Roberth Sjöström


"Together for a fantastic future in Ostrobothnia"

My name is Roberth Sjöström, I come from Norrnäs in Närpes

I have a bachelors degree in Machine and Production Engineer in Operations and Energy technology from Novia University of Applied Sciences. After completing my studies, I continued my studies for a master's degree in chemical and process engineering with the major subject energy technology at Åbo Akademi University in Vaasa.

I am a forward-thinking person who has a lot of iron in the fire, loves association life and on a daily basis I am a member of various associations, including the local department for SFP in Närpes and the Swedish youth in Ostrobothnia. In between all the association life, I try to have time to spend with my fiancée and friends as much time as possible.

Name: Roberth Sjöström
Year of birth: 1992
County: Ostrobothnia
Town: Närpes
Title: Engineer/Student
Phone: 0401581706
Member in:

Important political topics

Children, young people and families

That student care is accessible and physically in place at the school, even school counselors or school psychologists regardless of study level.

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Services for senior citizens

That all the elderly are offered safe housing when they are no longer able to live at home. Home care is ensured so that the elderly receive service and services of good quality, at the right time and in the right form

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