Patrick Ragnäs


"With experience, we get a safe Ostrobothnia"

I have many years of experience in the healthcare sector. I am a member of the board of the Vaasa Health Care District, having previously been a member of the Health Care District Council. I have also been the director of Bottenhavets Sjukhem. As chairman of the Ostrobothnia Welfare Area's steering group, I consider myself to have what it takes to further develop the welfare area.
I want to work for a quality care that is close and easily accessible to users. The service must be available within a reasonable distance.
The resources of the rescue service and First Interim Care should be guaranteed.

Name: Patrick Ragnäs
Year of birth: 1966
County: Ostrobothnia
Town: Kristinestad
Title: ombudsman
Phone: 0405748919

Important political topics

Services for senior citizens

It is said that the elderly must stay at home longer. Then we must ensure that there are enough staff and we must think more about the quality of the service provided in the homes. We must also become better at asking how the elderly themselves want to live.
Qualitative care for the elderly should not only be granted to those who can pay for it themselves.

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Children, young people and families

Families are and remain the cornerstone of society. We must ensure that they receive the help and care they need.
Service with a low threshold is important.

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Rescue services

We must guarantee the rescue services in the new welfare area. Sufficient resources must be guaranteed. The voluntary fire brigades and contractual fire brigades are a resource that should not be underestimated, especially the capacity of first care should be strengthened.

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