Nina Siivola


"In good shape at all times"

I'm an active citizen in Espoo interested in developing our health care strategy and services. I work as a property manager and my daily work is to manage a large number of house companies and properties. Service development is part of my work and passion.

In Espoo I am suppleant member of the city council and also a member of the Sustainable Espoo development programme.

I look at our world and community through the eyes of my 86-year-old father, my teenage children and also of course as taxpayer of Espoo.

The county elections in January are very important as the reform of social welfare and healthcare will have a significant impact on the public social and health services that are available to all of us. The reform will enable us to create brand new service strategies and update our services.

I hope to see development of the digital services in the public health and social services. Yet its important to remember that not all people have access to digital services or are able to use them and therefore it is important to always be able to provide traditional service too.

I hope we will be able to create a family doctor service in our new county of West Uusimaa. The system is in use in several cities already and its benefits are clear.

I also hope we will be able to develop mobile services which bring the expertise close to human even to the areas further away from centers. Social welfare and healthcare buses could be one solution to enable mobile services.

Hopefully the salaries and working conditions for the personnel will be improved to secure future of our high quality healthcare services. The costs of IT, properties and administration shall be in control and as low as possible.

Name: Nina Siivola
Year of birth: 1972
County: West Uusimaa
Town: Espoo
Title: Property Manager

Important political topics