Nadja Suomela


"Early support for children, young people and families - Support for those who need it most - Correctly dimensioned staff"

I am a married mother of three, licensed social worker, master of Social Political Science and master of Theology. I stand in the welfare area election because I want to highlight social care alongside health care as an important factor for the well-being and security of the people of Ostrobothnia. I have 25 years of experience in the social work area as a social worker and head of social work. I now work as a senior lecturer and educational leader in the social education at a polytechnic.

Name: Nadja Suomela
Year of birth: 1972
County: Ostrobothnia
Town: Korsholm
Title: Social worker, senior lecturer, educational leader
Member in:

Important political topics

Children, young people and families

There are many who say that the well-being of our children and young people is our most important priority. If we really mean it, it means that we need to invest where the effect is best - at an early stage! School counselors, school psychologists, school health nurses, child counseling, family counseling, youth counseling, home care for families with children and family work need to be available when needed and where needed. All children who need child protection should have the right to a social worker who has time with them. Children, young people and adults with severe mental illness should receive multi-professional support at the right time.

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Social welfare

The staff in the social sector - social workers, bachelors of social services and carers - are knowledgeable and committed. But in order to be able to provide the right service at the right time and support the residents in the welfare area in the best way, they need to have a reasonable number of clients, whether it is home service, family work or social work.

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Services for people with disabilities

Services for people with disabilities must be fair, inclusive and easily accessible. Accessibility must be taken into account in all areas of activity.

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