Mette Strauss


"My West Uusimaa provides good service for everybody!"

I went to school in Espoo, with Swedish as my mother tongue. I have also lived over ten years abroad, in Indonesia, the UK, Germany and Switzerland, giving birth to my now adult children while living as a foreigner abroad. Therefore I have a thorough understanding of how it is to be in minority. I´m truly international and this is how I would like my West Uusimaa to be! A warm, welcoming community also for all foreigners living here! I´m fluent in Swedish, Finnish, English and German, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

I´m running a NGO since nearly nine years, a organization called KRAN rf. We have addicts and family members of addicts as our main target groups. Last year we started a service point in Iso Omena in Espoo. My organization now runs a total of five service points in Finland. For these we have employed former addicts. For me it´s important that low-threshold service points where you are anonymous and which are free for the visitors are available.

I´m worried about young people who doesn´t have a place in this society. I´m calling for more resources to youth workers who work in this region thus offering the support of an adult to the young ones.

West Uusimaa should try to attract as many companies as possible, the city should also aim at founding new social companies which would employ persons who face difficulties entering the labour market, for instance mothers who have stayed home for a long time taking care of their families and persons lacking work experience. For me equality issues are important, it´s important that women also are part of the decision making process and count in society, so please vote for me!

Name: Mette Strauss
Year of birth: 1970
County: West Uusimaa
Town: Espoo
Title: Executive Director, Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration
Phone: 050 410 7001
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