Marjo Miinalainen


"We have to take care of them who raised us."

I am 54-years old, native from Oulu. At the moment I work as a part time consultant in the projects of recruiting health care workers from the Philippines to Finland. I also do voluntary work for the Alzheimer Society of Finland and act as an guardian of interests of my mother.

My education are among others eMBA and artisan. I have lived and worked around Finland and world. During my 25 years work experience as a supervisor in the multicultural working environments and among different cultures have been very fruitful and I have got possibility to make decisions and act for helping other people.

My hobbies are outdoor activities, sports, reading and handcrafts.

I stand for the regional elections, because I feel that with my experience I have possibility to bring practical perspective to the new welfare organization. Elderly care and primary healthcare are near my heart.

Name: Marjo Miinalainen
Year of birth: 1967
County: North Ostrobothnia
Town: Oulu
Title: Specialist, consultant

Important political topics

Services for senior citizens

Senior citizens should have possibility to live at home as long as possible. Home care should be provided so that home care nurses have their own designated areas and senior citizens have their own designated home care nurses. This way safe and good care can be achieved.

We should optimize the system to verify dementia as early as possible. After a memory test doctor appointment should be within one week. More information about dementia should be announced for example via The Alzheimer Society of Finland. Too often people feel scary nearby a person with dementia.

Support services for caregivers should be approachable. Welfare of caregivers should be taken care of.

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Primary healthcare

Services of Primary healthcare should be nearby, easy to access for every citizen. Doctor appointment should be possible to have within given treatment time quarantee wherever citizen lives.

Contact via telephone with nurse or doctor should be possible.

Personal doctors to primary healthcare.

Free mammography should be changed to women between 40-74 years old. Nowadays it is 50-69 year old.

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Specialised healthcare

Everyone should have possibility to use specialized healthcare when needed and get all their services from one place.

Central hospitals are in a centre stage in the operational health care.

Small hospitals should have possibility to make day surgeries and maintain round-the-clock general emergency.

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