Lotte-Marie Stenman


I am a 34-year-old nurse from Loviisa. I have recently completed a master’s degree in management and development in social and health care. Well-being and health care issues have always been important for me, both at work and politically.

I work at the Palliative Center of Porvoo Hospital. The largest unit in our center is the Regional Home Hospital, where we treat cancer patients with palliative care and end-of-life-care, when the disease can no longer be cured, as well as the elderly when they have an urgent need for medical care. From my experience, I have a great passion for ensuring that high-quality palliative care for the terminally ill person can be guaranteed in our area and that end-of-life-care is of high quality in all social and health care units in our region. I want to work to ensure that older people in care are provided with prompt and effective medical care in their own home when there is a need for acute care.

Name: Lotte-Marie Stenman
Year of birth: 1987
County: East Uusimaa
Town: Loviisa
Title: Nurse

Important political topics