Lilian Sjöberg


"The new wellbeing services counties can create many new opportunities for a more functional healthcare and rescue system where we close gaps and find new forms that effectively meet those who need help. I am passionate about working against loneliness in our society and finding a unified structure that captures those who are currently "falling between". I am passionate about elderly care and streamlining cooperation with the third sector. Swedish-speaking people should have the right to care in their mother tongue and we need to become better at recruiting and using resources as Swedish-speaking staff are available in Swedish-speaking places."

Married, family-centered, mother of 3 children. Beginners in politics. Works as a paramedic in the ambulance. Has worked in prehospital care since 2008 and also has experience of emergency care in the hospital world. Master's studies created my interest in community development. I like to knit when I have time and like all kinds of sports. I am a forward-thinking person with Christian values.

Name: Lilian Sjöberg
Year of birth: 1985
County: West Uusimaa
Phone: 0409615059

Important political topics

Services for senior citizens

Our elderly must be guaranteed adequate care. There should be no need to suffer from loneliness, and preventive efforts should be introduced at an early stage. When an elderly person is no longer able to live at home, finding another safe form of housing should be taken for granted. It should be an honor to work for the well-being of the elderly and to step up cooperation with the third sector,

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Rescue services

The readiness should be sufficient both in rural areas and in cities. Today, even in rural areas, we have a well-functioning first response service in the form of a volunteer fire brigade. This service is necessary because of the uninterrupted operation of emergency care, so that rural residents can get the help they need in time. The activities of the volunteer fire brigade should be protected and preserved. Swedish speakers have the right to treatment in their native language, which requires better management of existing resources and more active recruitment of Swedish speakers.

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Care and treatment

One in ten persons in Finland suffers from involuntary loneliness and is one of the national diseases in our country. We need to be better to find and help the one who suffers from loneliness. At present, this group falls between into the healthcare system. We need to find new ways and forms that capture the involuntarily lonely before the great health risks that loneliness brings with it becomes a reality. Stronger cooperation and a targeted concentration at all levels of society are needed in the fight against loneliness.

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