Henrik Räihä


"Equal treatment of all in Länsi-Uusimaa, irrespective of their place of residence, income level, language, or origin."

I am a 75 years old retired lawyer living with my wife in a villa in Leppävaara. I have worked as lawyer in companies and two ministries, as well as in nationaI and international organisations. Nowadays I have engaged myself in a cultural foundation and in several local associations in Espoo.

Name: Henrik Räihä
Year of birth: 1945
County: West Uusimaa
Town: Espoo
Title: legal expert, association active
Email: henrik.raiha@hotmail.com
Phone: 0503202220

Important political topics

Primary healthcare

All people should have rapid access to primary care irrespective of their place of residence. This means that there should be at least one health center in in each and every municipality in Länsi-Uusimaa. As a complement to the health centers, the Raseborg Hospital is important for all permanent and temporary residents in Raseborg, Ingå and Hanko.

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Children, young people and families

Although Finland is famous for how well we care for expectant mothers, babies and schoolchildren (e.g. maternity packages, child counseling, day care and school healthcare), the number of young persons encountering social or other problems is increasing and their problems tend to increase as they grow up. We therefore have to go in for improving the well being of children and young people, especially by offering preventive measures, support and other social services to stricken children and their parents.
You will find a broad palette of proposals for improving the well being of families in the Election Program of the Swedish People´s Party.

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Services for senior citizens

The share of senior citizens in Länsi-Uusimaa is steadily growing. We have therefore to invest more in all sorts of care and services in order to keep them active, healthy and in good condition. Elderly people should not be seen as a burden, but as a resource that could be used for the general best of our society.

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