Hans-Erik Lindqvist


"The wellbeing services county must guarantee safe care and treatment close to home. Specialised healthcare must maintain high quality and be easily reachable."

I am an active person with an interest in societal questions. I believe that best results are achieved through team effort.
Previously I've worked in the forest sector and in the recent years worked with municipal administration and leadership. I've also been a part-time farmer.
As a recent retiree I have engaged in municipal politics. I am a member of Närpes' municipal council, chairman of the municipal board and member of the board of Ostrobothnia's welfare area.
My family consists of my spouse, three grown children and two grandchildren. I enjoy spending time in the archipelago, exercising, and following sports competitions.

Name: Hans-Erik Lindqvist
Year of birth: 1954
County: Ostrobothnia
Town: Närpes
Title: Master of Forestry, Pensioner
Email: hanserikjohan.lindqvist@gmail.com
Phone: +358505811760
Member in:

Important political topics

Care and treatment

- Well-functioning care and treatment is fundamental to people across all ages; children and youth, persons in working age, and the elderly.
- The family centers' services should be secured in order to provide support to persons and families in socially exposed positions.
- Pscyhosocial services are gaining importance especially among young people.
- Healthcare centers are crucial for providing timely and good healthcare to all citizens.
- Well-organized home care and modern retirement communities are basic prerequisites for senior citizens' safety.
- Greater personel resources are needed in health and social care.

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Specialised healthcare

- It is essential that specialised healthcare can be accessed within reasonable distance and time without long waiting lines.
- Generally, specialised healthcare in Finland holds high quality and we need to keep up with the rapid development in the field.
- Some specialised healthcare should be offered at the healthcare centers and as remote care. A sufficient number of ambulances in the countryside should be ensured.

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Services for people with disabilities

Our welfare community must be able to provide the best possible service for people with disabilities. The services currently offered by Kårkulla and Eskoo should be transferred to the wellbeing services county in a way that preserves the service level and the availability of service in one's own language.

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