Gun Wallén


"For a functional Healthcare and Rescue service nearby"

I am 62 years old, married, a grandmother and a public health nurse, living in Lapinjärvi. My family, nature, animals, music and my work as a nurse at an assisted living building for elderly people, are very important to me. I have worked with elderly people for 30 years now.
Free time for me means photographing the nature, fishing and doing things with my grandchildren.

Name: Gun Wallén
Year of birth: 1959
County: East Uusimaa
Town: Lapinjärvi

Important political topics

Children, young people and families

Now is the time to preserve and develop existing healthcare services we have in our small communities!
Pregnant women, children, students and families need all the care they can get, support, including psychiatric services, nearby. Preventive work is important.

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Primary healthcare

It is very important that you can get your services nearby and when you need it. You just can´t have sick and elderly people waiting for their turn to get treated, for hours and maybe a long way from home. Those who are living at home, ill and weak, need to be cared at home by a sufficient home-care. Nobody should be experiencing the lack of healthcare just because you can not afford it.

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Rescue services

To be short: Everybody in a great distress needs to get help immediately! We need to preserve those Firehouses and Ambulance services we still have, at least.

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