Eva-Maria (Mia) Lindström


"Multi-professional and preventive health care close to you"

I am a teacher and a guide with a strong interest in education, well-being and preventive health. As a (former) teacher within adult education and secondary education for young people, I realise the importance and impact of preventive well-being work. Culture and sports are important factors when it comes to individual well-being.
I live in Karis since 2010 and enjoy it very much, but my roots are in the archipelago area around Turku.

Name: Eva-Maria (Mia) Lindström
Year of birth: 1974
County: West Uusimaa
Town: Karis, Raseborg
Title: Guide, teacher

Important political topics

Children, young people and families

Schools are in a key position when it comes to the daily life of children and young people. In order to catch on to students who need care, we need more resources, both human and financial.
I will put in effort to make sure that student healthcare programs are easily recognisable and available in schools, throughout elementary school and upper secondary level education. Health care should be an integrated part of the multifunctional professional team in school.

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Rescue services

Emergency centre operations must function in both the national languages, regardless of where in Finland you happen to be. This is to be an integral part of the education of operators. A citizen must be able to call the emergency number relying on getting quality help and trusting that possible emergency vehicles will arrive at the right address and on time.
Those emergency operators who are able to function in several languages need to be compensated accordingly.

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