Beatrice Bäck


"“I want to work for a wellbeing services county that emphasizes cooperation and the importance of good occupational health. In a functional and effective whole, all pieces are important. In addition to skilled professionals, we need a functioning third sector which activates and supports inhabitants and communicates in both directions. We are all involved!" "

I live with my husband in Kirkkonummi. We moved to Kirkkonummi in 1984 and have our roots in Ostrobothnia. We have two adult sons and both families live in the local area. We spend a lot of time with our grandchildren and the younger generation's life situation is therefore familiar to me.
I am a chemist specialized in occupational health and safety through my work as an occupational hygienist. As a specialist in multiprofessional teams, working life has given me a broad experience and insights into what occupational health means for personal health in general and for the the whole work community. Wellbeing at work pays back.
I am an addicted exerciser, a healthy soul in a healthy body has long been my motto. For me, reading is important and therefore I am active in several book discussion groups. Gardening and cultivation are in my genes.
After retirement, I became active in the Finnish Red Cross. As chairperson of the Swedish department in Kirkkonummi, I am involved in developing our activities. Through volunteering, I get in touch with vulnerable ones and have realized the importance of third sector efforts and the importance of cooperation with officials and decision-makers in the community.

Name: Beatrice Bäck
Year of birth: 1953
County: West Uusimaa
Town: Kirkkonummi
Title: MSc, specialized occupational hygienist, retired
Phone: 0408498483
Member in:

Important political topics

Rescue services

It is crucial for our safety that we have equal access to emergency services throughout the country and enough multilingual personnel in the emergency services.
Emphasizes should be taken to develop safe working conditions for the personnel and minimize threat and violence at work. Measures should also be taken to stop harassment or other unfair treatment in working communities.

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Services for people with disabilities

I want to work to ensure that the disability service continues in the same way for the client regardless of how the administration is arranged. That there are sufficient support housing and that families of children with disabilities receive relief and support services. It is important that the activities of work centers are secured.

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Social welfare

Most important of all, is to get help in the right way and on time. Prevention, early intervention and multi-professional cooperation are crucial in the work to prevent exclusion and mental illness.
Child protection requires a tightened staff dimensioning. It is important that those who work in social care have safe working conditions and that their work is properly dimensioned.
The integration of immigrants requires resources to avoid exclusion and segregation. We need development of cooperation and coordination among all actors to achieve smooth and inclusive integration.

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